Full Service Trading

When you become a Full Service client of Heritage West, you are actually entering into a partnership with the Heritage West team. Our brokers will be your eyes and ears in the market, staying in constant contact as your consultant and sounding board. We spend the time to identify your needs and preferences and are committed to doing everything we can to satisfy them.

Every day we work hard to provide you with invaluable expertise, insightful research, accurate trade execution, trading strategies, interpretation of news and reports, risk management advice, futures and options education and a myriad of other benefits which can be viewed on our benefits page. Heritage West’s extensive industry connections and valuable friendships built up over more than two decades allow us access to vital information when you need it.

 Commission rates for Full Service are of course higher than other types of service. When comparing brokers, we believe rates should not be the deciding factor though. The right full service broker can be an invaluable asset that could be the difference between success and failure in trading.

Your Heritage West broker can provide you with just the right level of assistance you need. We are equally as happy to work with the smallest client as we are the biggest. So speak to a Heritage West professional today and build confidence in your trading strategy before placing a trade.