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The Trading Room

Heritage West Financial's in-house futures and options recommendation service offered free exclusively to our clients.

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In the Trading Room, you will find:

STRATEGIES utilizing futures, options, and a combination of both

TRADE RECOMMENDATIONS with specific entry, profit objective, and stop-loss points

COMMENTARY updated on a regular basis

SPECIAL IN-DEPTH REPORTS on breaking events and major trading opportunities

In the Trading Room we attempt to follow, rather than anticipate, changes in established trends. With few exceptions, trying to find bargains by buying weakness and selling strength is usually a recipe for failure. 

Our Four Basic Futures Trading Principals

  1. Trade with the trend
  2. Cut losses short
  3. Let profits run 
  4. Manage risk

Many trade recommendations will be of short to intermediate duration. However our main goal is to identify intermediate to long-term opportunities and construct appropriate trading strategies to capture the majority of the move. 

The use of stop loss or contingent orders may not protect profits, and may not limit losses to the amount intended. Certain market conditions make it difficult or impossible to execute such orders.

The Trading Room is provided FREE to all Heritage West clients. Non-clients sign up for a FREE Trial!